7 Scriptures about the Beloved

In 2010 my big sister, my only sibling, and one of my favorite people in the whole world, lost her battle with cancer. Her death did a number on my faith. I couldn’t pray. I couldn’t worship. I went to church, but I couldn’t sing. I wanted nothing to do with the Christian radio stations. … Continue reading “7 Scriptures about the Beloved”

The Danger of Despair: Why we need hope

Five years ago despair held me hostage. Our entire family was called into a conference room in the hospital. We stood in a big circle facing the doctor who announced the verdict that my sister’s situation was void of hope. On that day I learned how vital hope is to our hearts. You simply can’t … Continue reading “The Danger of Despair: Why we need hope”


  My nose is clogged. My throat throbs, and tears keep getting in my way. The wind outside beating against my windows and the deep darkness, the darkest moment before the sunrise, is symbolic of my grief this morning as I write. I prayed, “Lord, I can’t write these words today…I’ve got to be upbeat … Continue reading “ihope”

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