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I’d Rather Have Your’s

The gentle morning breeze Blows my newly planted flowers While the birds sing harmony, spartanaries.org And the sun sparkles on the pines. It’s a new day. Yesterday’s worries and stress fall away. Thanksgiving flows out of my heart And for a brief moment Your Spirit Brushes up against mine Like my cat’s “hugs” against My anklesNot too much yet enough to knowIt’s …

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Stress Blinds Me

I apologize for the lack of posts this week. This summer has taken off, and I’m running to catch up. So, I’m thankful for this one morning of quiet to write some thoughts. The past two days I attended freshmen orientation with Stephen (my middle child) at NC State in Raleigh. The very beginning of our trip should’ve clued us …

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The Banner of Trust

Faith is not a four letter word. But sometimes I feel like it is. The fever blisters on my hand (rather than my lips like most people) are the personification of the stress I placed on myself last month. Stress I didn’t really need to have because God had the situation under control. I confess, now that I can see …

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