Read this if you are Stressed.

  God led me through my archives, and I found this. My son is now a senior in college and has driven this trip many times without me. But even though it was written three years ago, it applies to my today. I wondered if it were just for me until I got the end … Continue reading “Read this if you are Stressed.”

Faith Friday: 3 Steps to Un-busy Your Life

Busy. It’s our middle name. Our culture. Our reality. …or is it? Are we really as busy as we think we are? My head is spinning and my heart is thumping as I think of the responsibilities I signed up to do for the next few months. I signed up. Nobody twisted my arm or … Continue reading “Faith Friday: 3 Steps to Un-busy Your Life”

I’d Rather Have Your’s

The gentle morning breeze Blows my newly planted flowers While the birds sing harmony, And the sun sparkles on the pines. It’s a new day. Yesterday’s worries and stress fall away. Thanksgiving flows out of my heart And for a brief moment Your Spirit Brushes up against mine Like my cat’s “hugs” against My anklesNot too … Continue reading “I’d Rather Have Your’s”

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