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Stress Blinds Me

I apologize for the lack of posts this week. This summer has taken off, and I’m running to catch up. So, I’m thankful for this one morning of quiet to write some thoughts.
The past two days I attended freshmen orientation with Stephen (my middle child) at NC State in Raleigh. The very beginning of our trip should’ve clued us into what was in store for us. As I drove out of our neighborhood at 6:00 am in order to get there before 8:30, I noticed a warning light in my car. So, I turned around to discover a nail in a tire.
We then changed cars. Now, I’m thankful we had another car, but this one is a 5-speed manual which I can drive, but I do not drive stick-shifts enough to be comfortable. Stephen has never driven to Raleigh or in that city, so….you get it. I was a little nervous!
He did a great job driving, but when we got to the university, we were running late, and the gps could only get us to the college, not the parking lot where we needed to be. This meant I had to read the map. Uh-oh. I failed map 101 a long time ago!
We were lost.
We parked somewhere we knew we shouldn’t, but we were desperate.
We got there just as it was beginning. (Swew!) But the stress level had been huge. (I did move the car later with no ticket. Thank you Lord!)
On our way home then next day I began to read the same map I had been trying to use the day before. As clear as it could be, I saw the arrows that would have guided us safely to the designated parking lot and building. But somehow, that first morning, I completely missed those arrows and the one street we needed to turn down. 
That’s when it hit me. Stress blinds me!
Have you ever been looking for something, but you couldn’t find it, only to find it after you needed it? Was it exactly where you were looking?  
Stress blinds us all.
If Stephen and I would have just stopped for a moment to really read the map, we probably would’ve seen what I was missing. This applies to everything in my life.
So, I’m going to try to integrate this lesson in my life. When I feel stress, I’m going to “pull over” into a safe place to “read the map.” Of course, my map will be a prayer and my Bible. Stress blinds, but peace opens our eyes to truth and clarity.
In repentance and rest is your
in quietness and trust is
your strength….” (Isaiah 30:15).
Take some time to slow down and read the “map”!
Much love,

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