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A Cloudy Sky

As I walked outside before the hint of dawn this morning, my usual greeting party was not there. Clouds covered my friends who twinkle in the dark morning sky. Only a bright half moon said, “Hello.” But as I watched the clouds move I saw glimpses of stars hiding on the other side. Breaks in the clouds betrayed their mirage. The …

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We Need to Know We aren’t Alone in our Pain

I really want to end this week on an upbeat note. My former posts this week have been deep, hard places. But I want you to know that grief no longer digs its claws in me or takes my breath away. The ache is still there, especially when the seasons change, but I’m okay. I’m more than okay. I know …

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The R Word

We’re scared of it.We’re hurt by it; therefore many times we don’t put ourselves out there because we’re afraid of the pain of rejection. (The R word.) Nobody likes pain. We live in a relatively painless society in America. If it’s hot, we turn on the AC. If it’s cold, we turn up the heat and choose a sweater to …

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