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The R Word

We’re scared of it.We’re hurt by it; therefore many times we don’t put ourselves out there because we’re afraid of the pain of rejection. (The R word.)

Nobody likes pain. We live in a relatively painless society in America. If it’s hot, we turn on the AC. If it’s cold, we turn up the heat and choose a sweater to wear from our closet full of clothes. If our head hurts, we take some Tylenol, but when our heart hurts, it’s not so easy to repair. No sweater or pain pill can make it disappear.

So, rejection is something some of us just avoid.

I’m facing a giant this week. There will be many opportunities to experience rejection. I think that is why I’ve been so stressed preparing for this event. It’s why the “take-out” conversations that have come when I was weary have had so much power. I don’t want to be rejected.

But today the Lord reminded me that it’s not about me.

Friends, it’s not about us. It’s not about our rejection. It’s about obedience, trust, and blessing. God has given us the gifts with purpose–all we are  to do is to live in full assurance of what He’s given us to give to others. The passion inside of us is not ours to keep.

So, here it is. As I face the danger of rejection, I go knowing I have something to give. I have a God who uses everything, pain and joy, acceptance and rejection, for His good purpose. Best of all, He is on my team. He’s on our team.

So I’m learning as I stare at the possibility of rejection:

1. Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. (It might be the wrong one!) Spread them around.

2. Be a blessing. Don’t go around looking to receive something, but in humble confidence go knowing that you’ve been given something to give others.

3. God will take care of the rest.

I have no idea what the R word may be keeping you from stepping out in faith and doing today. Maybe it’s a ministry, maybe it’s a friendship, maybe it’s a job. I don’t know, but I do know this: You have something to give.

Much love,

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