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New Motto

As many of you know, I attended a writers conference last week. I apologize for the missing blog posts. I was a little busy and stressed before the conference as well as during it.

I learned how to improve my craft, and three publishers want to see my proposals which is very exciting. But one sentence stuck out from the plethora of wisdom. The first key-note speaker said, “There are people who have something to say and others who feel they have to say something.”

This quote fell deep into my spirit.

I pray I’m walking so close to the Lord every day that I get a nibble or two to share with you to encourage your faith-walk. And I pray I can continue to do that three times a week. I know, however, there have been times I’ve pushed through to write simply because of the deadline I’ve placed upon myself for this blog.

It’s good practice. Yet, my friends, I want to write what is burning in my soul rather than words typed simply to say something because it is Wednesday or Friday.

I never want to write just because I feel I have to say something.

So, if there are a few missing posts in the next few weeks and year, it will be done with intentionality, and you can know I’m seeking the Lord.

I covet your prayers.

I leave you today with this new motto of mine and the question, “How does this motto apply to you?” It doesn’t just apply to writers, but to anyone with a mouth and voice.

“There are people who have something to say and others who feel they have to say something.”

Many blessings my friends!

Much love,

Andy Lee is a wife, mother of three, author, speaker, and blogger. She inspires her readers to step out into their call whether to a neighbor or nation to find purpose and joy using the gifts God has given them. She lives on the North Carolina Coast with her favorite people in the whole word, her family. She loves chocolate, geraniums, coffee, and Jesus.

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