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How Does He do that?

Do not fear what this day, or any day, may bring your way. Concentrate on trusting Me and on doing what needs to be done. Relax in My sovereignty, remembering that I go before you as well as with you, into each new day. Fear no evil, for I can bring good out of every situation you will ever encounter.  Jesus Calling, May 7

I love how God does that. I love how He speaks to us with just the right words just when we need them. It’s a little creepy at times. How does He do that? It does amaze me when He uses the words someone else wrote years ago to speak to me today.

Just another amazing, infathomable aspect of YHWH.

I have a feeling someone else needed to read the words from my May 7th devotional too.

Many blessings my friends. Know He is with you.

Much love,

Andy Lee is a wife, mother of three, author, speaker, and blogger. She inspires her readers to step out into their call whether to a neighbor or nation to find purpose and joy using the gifts God has given them. She lives on the North Carolina Coast with her favorite people in the whole word, her family. She loves chocolate, geraniums, coffee, and Jesus.

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