I’d Rather Have Your’s

The gentle morning breeze Blows my newly planted flowers While the birds sing harmony, spartanaries.org And the sun sparkles on the pines. It’s a new day. Yesterday’s worries and stress fall away. Thanksgiving flows out of my heart And for a brief moment Your Spirit Brushes up against mine Like my cat’s “hugs” against My anklesNot too … Continue reading “I’d Rather Have Your’s”

Grooving with Mandisa

The streets of Wilmington were endangered yesterday morning. I admit it. As I drove my son’s stick-shift Camary to my Bible study, this song played on the radio. That’s when it happened. My body couldn’t stop moving as I drove. It’s a little hard to shift and dance at the same time. Nothing like a 46 … Continue reading “Grooving with Mandisa”

In the Dark with Jesus

My alarm clock walks on four legs and meows. She doesn’t take “NO!” for an answer, and she is rather annoying until I succumb to her wishes. Most mornings she wakes me around 5:00 or 5:30. But there are days, uncanny days when I really don’t need to be up early, when she lets me sleep. … Continue reading “In the Dark with Jesus”

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