If You Are Too Busy: 3 Steps to Simplify

BUSY. It’s our middle name. Our culture. Our reality. . . . or is it? Are we really as busy as we think we are? My head is spinning and my heart is thumping as I think of the responsibilities I signed up to do for the next few months. I signed up. Nobody twisted … Continue reading “If You Are Too Busy: 3 Steps to Simplify”

3 Steps to Unbusy Your Life (So you can enjoy the summer)

    Summer is my favorite season. It’s supposed to be the slower season during the year, but I find it often the busiest. I like to be busy though. I’m blessed to have family from Texas visiting me this week. Our days have been filled with sand and ocean waves, seashells, and fireworks. Needless … Continue reading “3 Steps to Unbusy Your Life (So you can enjoy the summer)”

God’s Secret Place: Guest Blogger Sandra Chambers

God has blessed me with many gifted writing friends. Sandy Chambers was one of the first I met sitting across the table at lunch after a Bible Study. I was so excited to meet a real freelance travel writer! When she isn’t travelling or writing about a great place to vacation or dine out, Sandy is working on her … Continue reading “God’s Secret Place: Guest Blogger Sandra Chambers”

In Need of Grace

I find it ironic that in the hopes of organizing my life, my new schedule I created is exhausting. Maybe I just need to work up to it. Maybe I’m just out of the habit of “working”. Maybe I’m just crazy! I have achieved more. My house is definitely cleaner, and I’ve put time into otherwise … Continue reading “In Need of Grace”

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