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3 Steps to Unbusy Your Life (So you can enjoy the summer)

    Summer is my favorite season. It’s supposed to be the slower season during the year, but I find it often the busiest. I like to be busy though. I’m blessed to have family from Texas visiting me this week. Our days have been filled with sand and ocean waves, seashells, and fireworks. Needless to say, there’s been too …

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God’s Secret Place: Guest Blogger Sandra Chambers

God has blessed me with many gifted writing friends. Sandy Chambers was one of the first I met sitting across the table at lunch after a Bible Study. I was so excited to meet a real freelance travel writer! When she isn’t travelling or writing about a great place to vacation or dine out, Sandy is working on her first book about prayer. Enjoy …

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In Need of Grace

I find it ironic that in the hopes of organizing my life, my new schedule I created is exhausting. Maybe I just need to work up to it. Maybe I’m just out of the habit of “working”. Maybe I’m just crazy! I have achieved more. My house is definitely cleaner, and I’ve put time into otherwise often neglected and forgotten duties. …

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Does anybody else have trouble with time? Time is kind of like money. The more of it you have, the more you feel you need. At least, in my case. In the past, I’ve been much busier than I am today–at least busier with “tangible” activities like a paying job, small children, studying for a degree, etc. But writing…well, I …

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