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In Need of Grace

I find it ironic that in the hopes of organizing my life, my new schedule I created is exhausting. Maybe I just need to work up to it. Maybe I’m just out of the habit of “working”. Maybe I’m just crazy!

I have achieved more. My house is definitely cleaner, and I’ve put time into otherwise often neglected and forgotten duties. But…it is summer! What am I doing making this crazy schedule when it is summer; my kids are home, and time is supposed to be more carefree?

Grace. How I need grace.

The funny thing about grace is that in my hands it is hard to measure the exact amount for my life. It seems I either give myself way too much or not enough. I desperately need  the Grace Giver Himself to reach down in His bag of grace and scoop up just the right amount of this life giving, peace giving, creative substance to feed this hungry refugee so far from home.

I have a feeling I’m not the only one that feels this way.

For all of us who need some grace today…

“Lord, please slow us down. The world will run fine without us for a moment. If the bathrooms don’t get clean or the e-mails don’t get written right away, they will be there for us tomorrow. They don’t empower us as You can. Is there balance, Lord? Help us seek Your grace today. We offer up cupped hands in this stopped moment for You to pour into their empty the right measure of grace for today. You, the generous Giver of all good things, will give more than enough and then some for us to share with others. I pray our grace we’ve received from Your hand will spill over into other’s lives. We love you. Amen.”

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