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3 Steps to Unbusy Your Life (So you can enjoy the summer)



Summer is my favorite season. It’s supposed to be the slower season during the year, but I find it often the busiest. I like to be busy though.

I’m blessed to have family from Texas visiting me this week. Our days have been filled with sand and ocean waves, seashells, and fireworks. Needless to say, there’s been too much fun to be had to write a fresh post.

This one may sound familiar, but I think it’s a good one to remind us to slow down and let God help.


Beach Chairs Watching Ocean



It’s our middle name. Our culture. Our reality.

…or is it? Are we really as busy as we think we are?

My head is spinning and my heart is thumping as I think of the responsibilities I signed up to do for the next few months. I signed up. Nobody twisted my arm or bribed me with chocolate or money (darn!). I got into this mess all by myself.  I can feel the stress in my shoulder.

Yet, in my defense, I believe with all my heart that God opened the opportunities I said yes to. I’m passionate about them. So, if He called me to this crazy busy season, I know He will show me how to proceed if I ask.

Can you relate? Are you frantically wondering how you are going to do everything you’ve said you would do?

  • Pray. Ask God for a reality check and order.

As I prayed this morning, God began to show me how to reorganize my responsibilities; they overlap each other. He also showed me that my anxiety was pressure I placed on myself. God did give me these opportunities. But the stress and anxious thoughts, the pain in my shoulder is not from Him. It’s my own doing.

What looks like a mountain to us is an ant hill to God. It’s probably just an ant hill to the rest of the world too, but our expectations build up that little hill to a looming impossibility. If you find your responsibilities forming a mountain, stop doing. Just stop.


  • Stop doing. Ask God to reveal His vision for your responsibilities. Ask Him to show you what is important to Him.

I didn’t say quit. Take a break. I promise, the world will keep revolving if you arrive to the meeting late or post your blog 5 hours later than scheduled (A-hem) or your kids dress themselves in non-matching attire. It’s okay.

Remember, it’s summer! Enjoy it. Take your shoes off. There’s just something wonderful about walking barefoot in the grass or the sand.

Finally, some of us are busy, our lives frantic, because we want to control everything. We believe we have to do everything because we don’t trust others to do it well. We’re perfectionists.


  • Delegate. Ask God to show you what responsibilities can be given to somebody else.

I’ve learned that the root of control and perfectionism is pride. But pride is false reality too. Don’t believe for one minute that you are the only person that can do what you are stressing over.

Humble yourself by asking God to bring help.


I feel the need to pray for us.

“Oh Father-God, thank you for our lives. [tweetability] Thank you for waking us up this morning, placing the sun in the sky, and granting us another day to do Your will.[/tweetability] Lord, we get so busy here on this planet, or at least it seems that way. We are stressed and worried. Help us trust you enough to stop doing what we’re doing and pray. Give us your vision. What’s important to you? How can we consolidate our responsibilities? Who can help us? (They are probably right under our nose.) [tweetability]Thank you for the peace you give when we trust you with our “busy.”[/tweetability] Humble us, breathe life into us, and use us for eternity today. Amen.”

What will be the hardest thing for you to do out of the 3 steps I’ve given to un-busy your life? Share your thoughts below in the comment box. Your sharing encourages others!

Much grace,




  1. Oh my Andy – have you been following me around… or do you live inside my head. BUSY & TIRED are words that frequent my sentences. I did stop some things… like my blog…I pressured myself to do it…and I planned on posting at least once a week…. well it looks as if I have STOPPED..lol
    This week was VBS and yes it was busy and I am very tired. Next week is the last week of games for my son…so I am ready for a break. Hmm… Camp Sonseeker will be here Aug 1… my husband is the camp director and we work together to and with the LORD we pull it off for over 75 children & counselors. Hmm, looks like I need to get busy, HAHAHA!!! Looking forward to a week off work….maybe we can schedule some down time. See the planner in me never stops! I appreciate this… it makes me stop and think …. and PRAY that God would show me what HE wants of me

    1. Hey Piper! I will be praying for you. Wow do you have a lot going on this summer. I’ll especially be praying about your writing and your blog. I know something has to go, and unfortunately, it’s usually our writing. I had a thought for you; maybe you can take a little time and find 4 old posts to recycle. Schedule them once for the next 4 weeks. Posting once a week is better than none at all…BUT God is big, and He is over all of this, and if the blog needs to rest for a little, that is okay too. Thanks for reading and commenting! andy~

  2. This is so helpful, Andy! Three simple ways to step back and assess our stress. I shared this post at Seeds Of Scripture today! I have also scheduled a reminder to read it again in the fall when life can get crazy too. Thank you for your thoughts. – Cathy

    1. Thank you Cathy! So thankful this was a blessing to you today. I always thank God for everyone who reads my posts and pray that they will be a blessing. Thank you for reposting on your blog. You have blessed me!

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