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Bite of Bread: Bible Wisdom for 2016

Bite of Bread Wisdom


I’ve read a thousand articles on setting goals, making resolutions, and choosing my One Word for the new year. Well, maybe not a thousand, but that seemed to be the thing all of us writers were focused on lately. We attempted to give you advice from what has worked for us.Which is what writers do.

But I know that goals and One Words and resolution strategies are not one-sized fits all. What works for us may not work for someone else. 

However, there is a book that has universal wisdom that is compatible for all hearts no matter what our personalities or learning styles, or season in life we are in.

So . . . the Bite of Bread reading plan for this week is simply God’s wisdom for living our lives in 2016. Some of the Bites focus on our individual hearts, but many of them talk of how we can live together which I feel is paramount living in our very individualistic society and world.

Our goals and resolutions are always focused on ourselves, but these verses help us set goals focused on others. 

Making Goals for 2016

Grab your journal and jot down the verses above or take a screen shot. I’ve started giving the topic for each Bite on each day. I hope it will help you see where we are going for the week and springboard your thoughts as you chew on each verse.

I’m excited to be back on Periscope (@wordsbyandylee) this week! For those who can join me live, I’ll be broadcasting 8:30 ET. If you can’t join us live or don’t do Periscope/Twitter, you can watch the replays on .


How can I be praying for you this week? Leave a comment. I am so thankful for you.


Jesus loves you,



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  1. Janice

    Pray that I will be like clay to His will in 2016…. Oh, to be more like Him. To fall in love all over again. To daily give myself anew to my Heavenly Father. I look forward to seeing Him face to face. But, I know He is not ready to take me home just yet. I fight to hold on to the people I keep them with me…But, in the end I always know how selfish… He is our ultimate goal. Our right of passage as a Christian. Thanking you, Jesus.

    1. Hey sweet Janice, praying your will fall in love with the Lord more and more each day, but also praying you begin to realize how very much He loves you. I love you too! Andy

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