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Wrestling with God: Holding onto the Promise of Purpose/ Epiteleo


I’m convinced that the people who walk in their God purpose, no matter how big or small, are content because they are supernaturally fully satisfied.

I’m also convinced that as long as we are seeking, maybe even wrestling, after what God’s purpose is for us, we will run into it. I’ve heard sermons explaining that wrestling with God is not good because you will end up with a limp. But I disagree. If my limp is from God, because I was holding on tight asking for His blessing, I’ll take a God limp over a bless-less walk any day. Some of the most fascinating and blessed people I know are the ones who limp–they’ve smelled God’s sweat. Their faces have been buried into His chest.

Restlessness can be good and discontentment has its place when they leave us clinging to God wrestling for the blessing–His purpose for us or the fulfillment of that purpose.

Restlessness can be good and discontentment has its place when they leave us clinging to God Click To Tweet


Many of us have dreams, visions from God that we believe are our calling, but we’ve not reached those visions so we feel dissatisfied. But keep in mind that the dream may simply be the picture your mind could paint. Ask what the bigger purpose is behind the vision.

I never thought simply sitting behind a keyboard, writing truths God placed on my heart, sharing my own wrestling matches, would be so satisfying. Some days only a handful of eyes read my words. But God gives me peace as I thank Him for every set of eyes and I pray my words draw them closer to Him.

Some days I don’t talk to anyone all. day. long. (Which was a huge learning curve for this extrovert.) But…God.

There used to be this person inside of me who dreamed of standing in front of big crowds or even a small congregation I shepherded. She was discontent because she had not arrived to either one of those dreams until she realized what those dreams had in common…what the bigger purpose was behind the visions.

I found contentment when I surrendered my agenda for His.


Do we want God's blessing or our own? Ours will leave us empty. His fills us to overflowing. Click To Tweet

As I write these words I think of friends whose health has disabled their dreams–wiping out any hope for fulfillment. But I believe that the promise of Philippians 1:8 can restore what we’ve lost. We never lose the gift of purpose, sometimes it simply takes on a new look or a different venue.

God’s promises never fail. And He promises through Paul’s words:

“…He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.”


It took the Bible translators 5 English words to translate the 1 Greek word, Epiteleo.

I love the definition from the Key-Word Study Bible:

“….An intensive form of the verb, teleo; this word means to finish up, fully achieve a goal, or accomplish a purpose. To finish, complete, perfect. “Perfecting holiness” does not mean improving or completing it as though it were deficient; rather it means allowing it to fulfill its objective, leading it to full expression or realization; to perform, accomplish.”

If you are feeling restless, discontent, your dreams seem far away, impossible, or you can’t even remember any of them…hold on to this promise.

Take it with you to the wrestling mat.

God blesses those who wrestle with Him asking for His blessing–not the ones we envision.

He promises that our purpose or purposes will be Epiteleo.



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