Bible Reading Plan on Faith #BiteofBread

Her daughter writhed in torment.

The Canaanite mother knew she shouldn’t bother the Jewish rabbi, but she was desperate. Her baby needed help. This rabbi healed everyone who asked. It seemed his nature and definitely in his power. Stories had circulated of the man across the lake who was once tormented by a legion of demons but now lived in his right mind proclaiming the power of Jesus.

She had to try. If he would heal a man from the Decapolis, there was hope for her non-Jewish daughter.

It wasn’t easy. At first Jesus seemed to refuse, but her persistence prevailed, and her daughter was restored.

Jesus said, “Woman, you have great faith! Your request is granted.”


It is the way to salvation. The ingredient for answered prayer.

It’s essential to our peace and “brave” as we studied last week.

The Bite of Bread reading plan for this week is built with scriptures that are all about faith. They are an interesting sprinkling of the topic throughout the Bible. They aren’t all about prayer. Some may even surprise you.

Come learn about faith.

Bite of Bread (5)

Jot these verses down in a journal or take a screen shot. Grab your cuppa, light a candle, and ask the Lord to teach you about faith this week. I hope you can join me and hundreds of others on my Daily Broadcast via Facebook Live. Come to my kitchen Monday-Friday at 8:20 ET to unpack the “bite” for the day. We’d love to have you join us. Come to the table. There’s plenty of room.


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