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The Parable of the Lost Keys


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Frantic steps rushed up and down the stairs, through the hallway, into another room. Like a mime on a busy street corner, no words were needed to tell the story unraveling. My daughter was late, and her car keys were playing hide-n-seek. Suddenly the entire household spun into action—the treasure hunt was on. After tense minutes of searching, her keys were found under clothes strewn on the floor. I bit my lip. There was no time or need to scold. She is 22.

A half-hour later children and husband were gone and my house stood quiet. No more frantic searches. No more checks to write or lunches to make—time for my Bible, coffee, Jesus, and me. Like an old friend, my Bible opened up to a verse that jumped from the page into my spirit. He always knows just what to say:

‘…You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. I will be found by you,’ declares the Lord (Jeremiah 29:13, 14).

The events of the morning flashed through my mind. They became a parable as the Spirit whispered this thought…. “What if people searched for God with such intensity and desperation as they do for lost car keys?”

Sometimes we search frantically for non-tangibles: peace, healing, love. We look to the world to give us these things. We believe all will be perfect if we pay off debts or get the job of our dreams—or the man of our dreams. But often when our desire is fulfilled we find that we’re still in need of something. Our heart is still empty.

This is a good thing. The truth is, we wouldn’t go searching for Jesus if the things of this world satisfied. And best of all, God promises that He will be found when we’re searching with our entire heart.

God never hides like my daughter’s keys. Never. But sometimes He seems absent or missing. I’m starting to understand that when I can’t find God, it’s because other things are in the way. It’s like searching for the ketchup bottle in the refrigerator. It’s right there under my nose, but the leftovers, jelly, and mustard cover it up.

when you seek me with all your heart. I will be found by you.

 I want more and more of Jesus every day. I’m desperate for His Presence. I must set all my worries, obsessions, and dreams aside because they simply get in the way. Sometimes I have to lay aside even my prayer requests and ask myself, “Which am I seeking more—Him or the answers?”

…when you seek me with all your heart. I will be found by you,’ declares the Lord.

 Oh, I need Him. What about you? What are you searching for? Nothing will satisfy but the Presence of Jesus.


Much love,




Suggested daily Scripture to lead you into His Presence.

Grab a pen and spiral notebook or favorite journal. Light a candle and pour a cup of coffee or tea. Take a deep breath, slowly exhale, and ask the Holy Spirit to speak through His Word. Write the verses in your journal and then write down what you are hearing. Leave a comment on this blog, my Facebook page, or tweet me @wordsbyandylee to share what God is saying and doing in your life. Remember, your comments encourage others. I’m one of those others. (smile)


Tuesday- Jeremiah 29:11-14a*

Wednesday- Matthew 6:33,34

Thursday- Psalm 37:4

Friday- Matthew 13:44

Saturday- Philemon 1:6

Sunday- Psalm 84:1,2

Monday- Read through your journal. Which was your favorite?

* The letter “a” signifies reading only the first part of that verse.





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