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Bite of Bread (Feb. 10-16): Promises of God

      I love throwing things away–to a fault. I now regret some of my purges. I remember, during one of my organizing days, throwing away a book entitled, The Promises of God. There was something about those little Bible promise books (that you could buy for $1.99) that I didn’t like. I’m not sure what caused my dislike. I don’t know if …

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Bible Reading Plan

Bite of Bread: January 13-19 (Pinterest and Doing Good)

  I did it. I made a Pinterest account. (Smile). I put it off for a year because it seemed like another time-sucking activity. I was also a little afraid. I confess that new technological stuff scares me. What if I mess up? But fear is: False Evidence (of things) Appearing Real The sky didn’t fall when I made the …

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Bite of Bread: January 6-12 (30 Day Knee Challenge)

      What’s the first thing you do in the morning? A. check your Facebook feed B. make coffee C. get on your knees in prayer Years ago I was desperate. Life was hard, or so it seemed. Now after watching cancer take my sister and a good friend, what I thought was terribly hard was really just spilled …

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  My nose is clogged. My throat throbs, and tears keep getting in my way. The wind outside beating against my windows and the deep darkness, the darkest moment before the sunrise, is symbolic of my grief this morning as I write. I prayed, “Lord, I can’t write these words today…I’ve got to be upbeat and positive. I shouldn’t wear …

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