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Bible Reading Plan: Does God Always Answer?

In the past 4 years, I’ve written almost 600 posts. Strolling through my archives, I found this one written in 2011. It seemed fitting for our 30 Day Prayer Challenge.(click to read) If you are having trouble praying expectantly and thankfully, maybe this will help…. I went treasure hunting in the dark today. (Reading my Bible before sunrise.) This is what I found: …

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When there is no solution to your problem, give up.

  You’ve racked your brain trying to think of a solution, and despite your brilliance, there is none. No way out. No hope. Sigh. Cry. “What are we gonna do?” you asked. Oh, I’ve been there. I’ve struggled so hard  to find a way through a problem that my head literally hurt. And at that point, exhausted and frustrated, I …

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Word Wednesday: How to find peace/ (Eirene) and Key-Word Give-Away!

    Two weeks is a long time when you’re waiting for life-changing news. I was advised not to tell my soldier-husband, deployed to fight a war called Desert Storm, that something could be terribly wrong with the baby inside my womb. Distractions could risk his life. So, I wrote this frightening story in my journal for him to read later. I remember …

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Purpose Beyond Today: Praying for our Families

      Are you surprised when God answers prayer quickly? The other night as I sat through a bitter cold lacrosse game bundled up–my toes frozen despite my preparation, my heart sank farther down to the pit of my stomach with each minute as I watched my son stand on the sidelines with no coat or cold weather clothes under …

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Bite of Bread: Spending the Week with Jesus (March 24-30)

    What’s your favorite story of Jesus? Is it His birth? Is it when He healed the demon possessed man in the caves? Is it when He called Lazarus out of the grave? What about the time a woman who had been bleeding for 12 years reached out and touched the tassels on His prayer shawl? She knew she was healed …

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