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Bible Reading Plan: Jesus’ Final Week




Easter has always been one of my favorite celebrations.

How could a girl not love a holiday that involved buying a new dress and shoes? In elementary school I got new Sunday socks too. They had ruffles.

I carried this tradition onto my family. It wasn’t as much fun for my boys; they just saw Easter as painful because they had to dress up a little. I remember my horror one Easter morning as we walked into church and I spotted a hole in the back of my son’s brand new shirt. It was too late to go back home. His shirt would just have to be hole-y that day. Sanctified by the tearing away of a mother’s pride.

Jesus. That’s what this celebration is all about–not new clothes or Easter egg hunts, or jelly beans, or a huge meal and perfect house and yard ready to impress the guests.

Easter Sunday is glorious.

Because we celebrate Christ’s resurrection, we have the hope and assurance of heaven where we will meet our Savior face to face and be reunited with loved ones lost too soon.

But it’s not Sunday yet. Christ endured a week of sadness, temptation, torture, and death before He rose again. The Bible Reading Plan this week takes us through those last days with Jesus. May we never forget all He suffered that we might live.

Passover begins at sunset today. As you read this week, know that the timing is perfect. I love when God does that.

I’ll be reading with you.

This Week’s Bible Reading Plan



Spend a little bit of time every day this week chewing on what Christ did for us. My favorite day is Sunday. Don’t miss His moment with Mary Magdalene. Pray before you read each day. Ask God for fresh revelation of these familiar passages. Write down your favorite bites. Make notes in your Bible. You’ll be glad you did.

Bite of Bread (April 14-20)


What is your favorite childhood Easter memory?

With Joy,


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