A Book on Prayer that Takes You to Heavenly Places: A #Giveaway

  I’ve found a new favorite author and book that will take permanent residence on my bookshelf and in my heart. When I’ve found something great, I have to share it. That’s why I talk and write about Jesus all the time. But . . . I enjoy wordsmiths who not only teach me, but … Continue reading “A Book on Prayer that Takes You to Heavenly Places: A #Giveaway”

Deep Joy and a Friday Giveaway!

  Do you have people in your life you feel connected to, but you haven’t had much time together? There’s simply something that draws you close. Kindred heartbeats. I met a lovely lady a few years ago at a writers conference who intimidated me. It wasn’t her doing. It was all in my head. She … Continue reading “Deep Joy and a Friday Giveaway!”

How to Get Out of Your Muck and a Giveaway

Do you get stuck in the muck of “you”? Confession: I was stuck in my muck the other day, and I came across this old post, and I needed it. I figured that if I needed it, somebody else probably does too. Getting stuck in our muck is the downside of being human. But there … Continue reading “How to Get Out of Your Muck and a Giveaway”

A Source for Hope and a Giveaway

  It’s the “Bite” for the day. Something to chew on to feed your spirit. Romans 15:4 is a great verse that points to the reason for reading and studying the Bible. [tweetability]The Bible was written to give us hope.[/tweetability] If we need hope, the Bible is a source for hope. What verses or stories … Continue reading “A Source for Hope and a Giveaway”

Movie Review and Giveaway “Redemption of the Commons”

  Every month I will be reviewing a movie or a book and holding a giveaway. I’m doing this as a part of the Blythe Daniel Agency and the Blogspot, a page where bloggers review upcoming movies and books. This month I’m reviewing and giving away a movie! I confess. I don’t watch many faith … Continue reading “Movie Review and Giveaway “Redemption of the Commons””

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