Movie Review and Giveaway “Redemption of the Commons”


Every month I will be reviewing a movie or a book and holding a giveaway. I’m doing this as a part of the Blythe Daniel Agency and the Blogspot, a page where bloggers review upcoming movies and books.

This month I’m reviewing and giving away a movie!

Redemption of the Commons

I confess. I don’t watch many faith based movies. Maybe I’ve been spoiled by Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. (You’ve Got Mail is still one of my favorites.) Let’s face it, Hollywood has “ruined” all of us in one way or the other, but that’s another blog post.

“Christian” movies unfortunately have gotten a bad rap from earlier attempts. Cheesy. Bad acting. Cliche. Preachy. Some of them are embarrassing. My whole family feels this way. As I prepared to watch this movie Sunday afternoon, I got my comfy pants on, my afghan and my popcorn. And everybody else found something to do. Nobody wanted to watch my “Christian” movie with me.

But I was pleasantly surprised as I watched Redemption of the Commons, a film by KT Terry.

Fire in redemption of the commons

Not only is the acting good–not Oscar winning, but not cheesy–the film captures the plight of many Americans today and demonstrates redemption without giving a sermon. There are no car races, alien invasions, or killings, only the harsh realities of our economy, alcoholism, and the quest to find purpose. (What a perfect movie for finding purpose beyond today!) And there is romance.

If you could use some hope, if God seems distant or silent, if your pursuit of purpose has landed you back to where you started and farther in debt, Redemption of the Commons will encourage you.

Actually, it encouraged me. That was the best part about the movie. After I watched it, I felt filled rather than drained. My thoughts were on good things.

For more information about the screen-writer, KT Terry, and his experiences that formed this story, read this review from the online magazine, Greenville in One Accord. The article also explains how the funding came through at just the right time and how they ministered to the actors during filming.

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Leave a comment below to be entered into a drawing for a free copy of Redemption of the Commons. I’ll announce the winner Monday, February 23. If you aren’t able to comment on the blog, leave a comment on our Facebook Fellowship Page with #movie so I know to enter your name. Also, invite friends to “like” our Fellowship Page (Andy Lee (Author)), let me know how many you’ve invited, and I’ll enter your name for each invite.

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I would be remiss to tell you that I knew one of the actresses who made a short appearance. You did a stellar job Vonda Skelton!





  1. I do go to Christian movies because I want to support the effort to provide wholesome family entertainment at a time when it’s almost impossible to find a movie you can take your children to. At Christmas I often give each of my children’s families a Christian movie, knowing it may be the only one they’ll see all year. That being said, I usually prefer a book instead of a movie, even after I’ve seen the movie. I’m just a lover of books. Thanks to a wonderful Christian mother who instilled in me the love of books and reading at a very young age.I already “like” your facebook page.

  2. Andy, I appreciate your honesty in this review. I’ve tried Christian movies in the past, but have sometimes found the acting unbearable. The message is often overplayed as well. Even if I enjoy a movie, I’m hesitant to recommend it because doing so affects my believability.
    And to answer your question, I don’t go to the theater often for ANY movie, but definitely not Christian ones. I wait for the DVD.
    Thanks for the review!

    1. Thanks for your honesty Cathy! You’re entered! Maybe you’ll enjoy this one.

  3. April

    I haven’t been to the movies in so long, I really wanted to see Grace Unplugged, but I got and read the book instead. With my 3 littles it’s hard for me to get hold of the TV, we just got Netflix and it was great to see many Veggie Tale episodes offered, so right now that is the extent of my christian movie watching, Veggie Tales!!

    1. Hey April! I love Veggie Tales! Those are the best Christian movies. :) enjoy those days. I miss them. You’re entered! Maybe you’ll get to watch a grown up movie. :)

  4. Anna Gregory

    I really like Christian movies. I usually buy the DVD. I bought God is Not Dead and have Faith Like Potatoes and several more. It’s not really a Christian movie but I love The Gift. This sounds like a movie I would love. Thank you for showing it to us.

    1. That’s awesome Anna! I’ll enter your name into the drawing!

  5. Jan Doke

    I usually find the message of Christian-based films such a refreshing break from the terrible barrage of Hollywood’s grim sentiments that I just overlook the less-than-Oscar-winning acting— or perhaps I just can’t tell the difference between good and bad acting. I’m anxious to see this one. I have had it with movies and television except The Waltons and Little House, both of which I know all episodes by memory. I love them anyway. I even hate the commercials these days, so I’m pretty much done with Hollywood, good acting notwithstanding. I am enjoying audiobooks these days! Lots of good, uplifting ones are to he had at the library.

    1. I love you Jan Doke! You’re entered into the contest. :)

  6. Suzy Fowler

    I don’t go to the movies often, though I do enjoy it. Yes, You’ve got mail, is by far one of my favs too, if not THE fav…I do like Christian movies, (this one sounds like a winner) and yes B movies can be B for Bad, no matter the genre. I think “Christian” movies have gotten a bad rap though. Lots of good ones out there!

    1. Hey “You’ve Got Mail” kindred spirit! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. You’re entered! You and Jan may have to arm wrestle for it, except she’s in Texas. Guess it will be a draw. (Pun intended!) :)

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