Sometimes You Have to Let Something Go and Trust God with It


Dear friends,

I’m facing my first real deadline with a publisher and contract. I’m super excited but up to my eyeballs in in the Book of Ruth as I write my first Bible study for AMG Publishers for one of their first Key Word Bible Studies.

I covet your prayers.

I appreciate your patience as I let my blog sit for a few weeks to pour all my energy into the manuscript due November 1.

Once in a while I may drop in to put an old link up for you to read. If you are going to miss the Bite of Bread simply type in “Bible Reading Plan” in the “search” box at the bottom of the page, and you can choose from any of the old ones from this year.

If you miss my posts, just stop by and browse through old ones. Type in a subject you’re looking for and see what you find. Share them if they bless you.

I won’t be writing much on our FB fellowship page either, but I will check it from time to time giving updates and any Scriptures God lays on my heart for you.

I’ll be back the first week of November (after a Women’s Retreat in Danvers, MA!) We are definitely due a Key Word Bible give away, so be watching for that!

Here’s an old post I felt led to share. It’s entitled, “God is Good…do you need to know this today?”

I’m simply an ordinary girl who loves Jesus and is stepping out in faith to do what He’s called me to do in this season. You Can To!

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[tweetability]What is He telling you to set aside and trust Him to handle?[/tweetability]


How can I pray for you? Leave a comment below or send me an e-mail:

With Purpose,




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