A Witness of God’s Grace

Are you a witness of God’s grace? Have you experienced His kindness when all seemed lost? Or when you deserved it the least? This is what Naomi and Ruth experienced this week in our journey through the book of Ruth. When Naomi’s family moved to Moab, their move wasn’t pleasing to God. Though we could justify this decision because of …

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Open Biblefaith

Misunderstood and Judged

Judgment runs rampant in our society, especially on social media where we can hide behind our phone/computer screens and bravely (cowardly) lash out our opinions. I know when I’ve felt judged, I’ve also felt misunderstood. Why does judgment sting so badly? Is it just me? I don’t think so. Granted, some people handle it better than others. Some don’t care …

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trusting God

Sometimes You Have to Let Something Go and Trust God with It

  Dear friends, I’m facing my first real deadline with a publisher and contract. I’m super excited but up to my eyeballs in in the Book of Ruth as I write my first Bible study for AMG Publishers for one of their first Key Word Bible Studies. I covet your prayers. I appreciate your patience as I let my blog sit …

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