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If You’re Holding on by a Thread

Somebody needs this today.


Never will I leave you


Hang it on the wall of your heart. Read it often and repeat out loud.

[tweetability]This is one time it’s good to say “never.”[/tweetability]

The Lord is with you. He is mighty to save. Don’t believe the whispers telling you differently. They aren’t from Him.

Want to pray with me? Grab my hand.

“Lord God we love you. Thank you for this promise. We cling to it even when we cannot feel your presence. We know you are here because you said you are. Show us how to pray into our situations and then give us great boldness with a fire in our bellies to pray through. Lord, we praise you for your goodness and we bind the Adversary’s hands. Be glorified in our circumstances, our heartbreaks, and our blessings. By the blood and power of Jesus. Amen.”


Kindred Fighter,





  1. Marie Brown

    Thank you Andy, this is a good reminder during this most difficult time.

    1. Marie I’m so sorry. I know you miss Pete so much. The Lord is with you. I’m praying!

  2. I needed this in ways you can’t imagibe. Thank you so much.

    1. Oh, Lee, I’m so sorry you needed this but so thankful the Lord led me to post it. I’ll be praying for you.

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