Bite of Bread

Bite of Bread: How to Live this Life

So. . . what separates believers from the world?

What does it look like to live this faith?

Who can be in Christ?

Maybe you know all the answers to these questions, but even if you do, this B.O.B. will strengthen your walk.

So often we read whole chapters of the Bible at a time, but the Bite of Bread allows you to chew on each verse and digest it into your spirit one bite at a time.

[tweetability]If you need peace, if life is hard, if life hasn’t changed once you said “I do” to Jesus, these instructions will help.[/tweetability]

Bite of Bread Holy living

I’m reading with you.

Give Him five minutes of your day at least. Let His word transform you as you journal the verses with a candle lit and a cup of coffee or tea. Oh how He loves you and how I pray you know that.

A fellow sojourner,



  1. Denise Merritt

    Thank you! Miss seeing you on Wednesdays.

    1. Miss you too Denise!

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