Strength Scriptures Free Printable

  We’ve studied strength this week in our Bite of Bread reading plan.   I fell in love with the scriptures that promised strength to those of us who need it. (And who doesn’t?) Who doesn’t need that inner strength that gives us peace and grace in the hardest of times? That is what He … Continue reading “Strength Scriptures Free Printable”

The Secret to Getting Through Hard Times

Do you have memories of someone asking you a hard question, and you not knowing how to answer? Maybe you’ve never done that, but I have more memories of doing that then I care to admit. One of those moments happened in an adult Sunday school class. That particular class was made up only of … Continue reading “The Secret to Getting Through Hard Times”

You Don’t Have to Be Strong

The verse above is from the NIV. I have a confession. I don’t like sappy nonfiction books and blogs that are always telling us that we are “going to be okay” or that we are “enough” or something like that. Don’t get me wrong. I know we need those messages. I know that I’m enough, … Continue reading “You Don’t Have to Be Strong”

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