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Who Completes You?: A Word Wednesday Post

  The steady, obnoxious  rain forced the wedding inside. We scrunched together around tables that would later be used for the reception and dinner. Twinkle lights brightened by the dreary day laced the ceiling romancing the mood. Despite the change of venue, it was a cozy, sweet, beautiful wedding. It’s the third wedding I’ve attended in four months. That’s a lot …

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Word Wednesday is back! I’ve Never Liked the Word “Submit” Until Now

Planning a wedding in two weeks doesn’t allow much time for marital counseling. I think we spent only thirty minutes with our pastor twenty-five years ago. As we settled into chairs facing our silver-haired sage, he opened his Bible to Ephesians 5:22 and read, “Wives, submit to your husbands as to the Lord.” Yep, those were the first words of …

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Never Say Never

I have done almost everything I said I would never do. One of those nevers was that I would never date much less marry a man in the military.That was my stance when I was hired to teach school in Killeen, TX. Before I moved to one of the largest army posts in the country to teach middle school English, I considered myself a …

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Mars Versus Venus and the Hole in Our Hearts

It’s only August but the holiday season is approaching which means Christmas company parties will be here before you know it. It’s never too early to start preparing! (This one is for the few men who read my blog. Thanks guys!) My experience/revelation at last year’s company party… There’s nothing like sitting around a fancy table with place settings that …

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The Call

Despite two decades and a whole lot of life since then, the vision is clear. I remember His call vividly.   I was standing alone in my dorm room asking God what He wanted me to do because my dad’s desire to have a lawyer in the family wasn’t a good fit for me; I hated political science classes.   …

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