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Broken But Priceless

God’s timing is amazing. After I posted yesterday’s blog asking for comments to help my friend, I checked my e-mail. That’s when I found this. It’s a post from another blog. I was so excited. I quickly commented and asked the author if I could re-post her message. She has graciously agreed. Erin and I met at a writers conference. …

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Treasures in Dark Places (2nd time)

I’m going through my archives (if you haven’t noticed). I’m realizing how important and powerful it is to journal your journey with the Lord. It’s been good to look back and hear my own faith. Funny, but sometimes I have to be reminded of my faith because I seem to only remember my moments of failure, emptiness, and struggle. So, …

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The Face of Jesus

My heart says of you, ‘Seek His face!’ Your face, Lord, I seek (Psalm 27:8). On Friday, I challenged us to make “seeking God’s face” our priority in prayer for one month. One of my friends took me up on that challenge. As we talked on the phone Friday afternoon, she spoke of focusing on a sketching she has of …

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My Ebenezer

What exactly is an Ebenezer Stone? It’s one of those words that lies dormant in the cob-webbed part of my brain. Yet, this morning as I read my friend’s post about her autistic daughter’s latest miraculous achievement, this word came to my mind as I commented on her post. To be honest, before I pressed “send” I had to look up Ebenezer …

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The Banner of Trust

Faith is not a four letter word. But sometimes I feel like it is. The fever blisters on my hand (rather than my lips like most people) are the personification of the stress I placed on myself last month. Stress I didn’t really need to have because God had the situation under control. I confess, now that I can see …

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