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Joy beyond Reason

…and trust in Jesus
Many are asking, ‘Who can
show us any good?’
Let the light of Your face shine
upon us, O Lord.
You have filled my heart with
greater joy
than when grain and new
wine abound.
I will lie down and sleep in
for you alone, Jesus,
make me dwell in safety.
Psalm 4:6-8
Greater joy than when everything is hunky-dory and peachy-king. Greater joy than when all the bills are paid, everyone is in good health, and the kids are making straight A’s. Greater joy than when we have a perfect house and new car.
His joy is deep.
It’s not dependant on the stock market or the doctor’s diagnosis
What He gives is
And His peace
surpasses understanding.
I pray that no matter what light or heavy circumstance you find yourself in today, you will seek the light of His face.

His face changes us.

Much Grace and Peace this day before Thanksgiving,

But seek first HIS kingdom and HIS righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. (Matthew 6:33)


Andy Lee is a wife, mother of three, author, speaker, and blogger. She inspires her readers to step out into their call whether to a neighbor or nation to find purpose and joy using the gifts God has given them. She lives on the North Carolina Coast with her favorite people in the whole word, her family. She loves chocolate, geraniums, coffee, and Jesus.

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