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Faith in His Perspective

The other day Mike and I were talking of how life gets harder as we get older because more and more people around us get sick, suffer loss, and face hardship. Of course, this is our view here on this earth. Our limited perception. Twenty-one years ago, at the beginning of our marriage, I fervently prayed for both of us to have eternal …

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His "With Us"

Some have limited God’s presence to heaven. Consequently they think that when they  get to heaven they will be closer to Him. Considering His omnipresence, however, that concept cannot possibly be correct. We can never be nearer or further from God’s presence. We can never leave His presence nor enter into it. That particular dimension of God’s presence is always …

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Faith of a Child

I am teaching a Bible study on Thursday nights. Every week I give the ladies a list of verses to read and copy in their spiral notebook. Many of the Scriptures I have blogged about the past two weeks have been on those Bible verses because that is where I have been lately in the mornings. Candle lit, cats fed, coffee, couch, me, …

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