Bible Reading Plan, Calling on God

Bite of Bread: The Promise of Calling on God (August 11-17)


glacier flowers Psalm 139_7
Glacier Natl. Park (on one of our hikes)


Why is it so difficult to maintain closeness to God while on a family vacation?

Ummm….well, maybe it’s the fact that you are with your loved ones All. The. Time. There is not much space for needed alone time with Jesus.

Home never seemed sweeter than a few days ago. I love my family. So thankful for time with them. But I was reminded again of my need for silence and time alone. I was also reminded of the blessing of routine and familiarity.

Mojave desert at sunset
Mojave desert at sunset

Our family just finished a record road-trip, 8000 miles in 16 days. We saw amazing things. God’s presence was painted throughout the landscapes viewed through our minivan’s windows. We rolled through desert and mountains, farmland, and cities.

Our feet touched glaciers that have been melting for thousands of year, and my son encountered his first grizzly bear. (He ran.)

God was present. I’m sure of it. The lush mountains and painted desolate deserts were not the only revelations of Him. Though beauty always draws me near to Him nothing stirs my spirit like His Word. And when I did find time to open my Bible, journal, and call out to Him, despite the extra company of family cramped in small hotel rooms, He heard my prayers. Always.

This week’s Bite of Bread holds His promises for those who call out to Him. I pray they encourage you.

[tweetability]Location does not dictate His Presence. Only our heart.[/tweetability]

I hope you’re journaling. Words from the Bible always speak louder to me when I take time to ink them. My prayers and petitions as well as Bible readings are preserved for further thought.

[tweetability]Divine moments don’t have to fight for memory when they are recorded.[/tweetability]

Write down your callings this week.


Much grace,


Bite of Bread (Aug. 11-17) Call on God




  1. All.The.Time. – yes, I know:) Oh how I long for some real silence and alone time. Glad you’re home and that your son ran from the bear!

    1. I know you know! Thanks for reading and commenting friend.

  2. Janice Bordeaux

    I love and cherish poems and “mini” truths….”Divine moments don’t have to fight for memory when the are recorded” just landed on top of my stack! As always, Andy, thank you for all anticipated words of wisdom to carry in my heart! Janice

    1. Thank you sweet Janice. You always encourage me.

  3. Jan Doke

    Oh, how lovely your vacation sounds, Friend! Thank you for recording some details for us! Wonderful words and pictures!

    1. Thanks for reading friend! Blessings!

    1. Thanks Beth! Thanks so much for reading and commenting and tweeting!

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