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Bite of Bread: The Gift of Grace

Tis the season to give gifts.

We shop till we drop, spend until the budget is empty, and stay up late wrapping our treasures.

We stand in lines at the post office, Walmart, and the grocery. We grow tired and weary, and I admit that there have been days when my patience has worn thin with people. I’ve tried to remain pleasant, but my heartbeat and probably my face tend to give away the truth.

Oh, for the gift of grace.

A few weeks ago I wrote a post on grace, and I thought we’d do a Bite of Bread reading plan on that topic. But we had some prophecies that needed to be addressed first. So, this week, as we finalize our gift buying, I can’t think of a better time to read scriptures about GRACE–that gift given to us so many years ago.

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As I wrote in my post a few weeks ago,

“As we prepare for the celebration of Jesus’s first arrival, may we thank Him everyday for the gift of Grace that He brought to us. Grace that climbs inside our hearts and changes us from the inside out. Grace that saves us.

. . . And gives us patience in long lines. It’s a gift meant to be shared. 



This is definitely a reading plan that beckons a cup of hot cocoa, tea, or coffee. Light a candle. Gather your Bible, pen, and journal. Take a screen shot or copy this plan down. I want to encourage you to write out each verse this week, word for word, and circle the words or phrases that jump out to you, then write a prayer about that verse.

Join me at 8:20 ET every morning on my Facebook page. for my Daily Broadcast, a short Bible study– a twenty minute fellowship and teaching called the Bite of Bread. Friend me or follow to receive the notifications when I start the broadcast. This week I plan on giving away a Key Word Bible. So. . . stay tuned.


Is grace hard for you to receive and/or give?


Digging deep,





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