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Bite of Bread: Spiritual Blessings in Christ



Every Sunday a few people gather in our front room at church to pray for the morning services. A few.

We pray for spiritual and earthly things.

We pray for people to be freed, healed, restored. Sound equipment to behave, and babies to be happy in the nursery.

Today as we prayed I saw the most unusual picture in my mind. I think it was a glimpse of  what we (the pray-ers) look like in the spiritual realm. We were all much taller, thinner, (smile) and I sensed we were very powerful. We carried no insecurities. We knew who and  whose we were, and we were fully aware of the power inside of us. That healing power flowed from us as we spoke to people.

praying woman

We are promised in Ephesians 1:3 that we have been blessed with every spiritual blessing in Christ. Every. Spiritual. Blessing. The sentence is past tense not future. 

For months…well, years, I’ve struggled with insecurities. Most of us do. But the vision in my mind today partnered with this scripture in Ephesians encourages me greatly. We who have been clothed in Christ no longer need to walk in our own strength or abilities or gifting. We need only to minister out of His security. We’ve been given every spiritual blessing in Christ.

How do we do this…how do we live and minister this way? We stay close to Him, soak in His word, worship, and pray, but most of all, we must believe.

“The creation waits in eager expectations for the sons and daughters of God to be revealed.” ~Romans 8:19.

Me too! What do the sons and daughters of God look like?

You are tall, beautiful, powerful, and healing power flows from your being because of Christ in you.

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Is this a strange thought for you? Is it uncomfortable or does it excite you?

Won’t you join me in reading encouraging bites of scripture from Ephesians this week?



Bite of Bread: (March 10-16)


Bite of Bread March 10-16


Grab your journal, pour your favorite morning drink, light a candle. Feed on the Bread of Life. Chew on them every day.

See ya Wednesday!


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