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Bite of Bread: Spending the Week with Jesus (March 24-30)




What’s your favorite story of Jesus?

Is it His birth?

Is it when He healed the demon possessed man in the caves?

Is it when He called Lazarus out of the grave?

What about the time a woman who had been bleeding for 12 years reached out and touched the tassels on His prayer shawl? She knew she was healed the moment her hand touched His garment.

Jesus called her, “Daughter.”

“Your faith has healed you,” He proclaimed.

He always knew exactly what to say, how to address the person and the problem.

Somedays I long so badly for Jesus to be here again because when He walked the earth everyone who asked received healing. Everyone.

When Jesus, the tangible Jesus, breathed our air He spoke with authority and wisdom. He knew how to cut through all the religious hype and get straight to the heart of the matter.

He laughed.

He cried.

He walked in our shoes.

What kind of God does that?

A loving one.



Spend some time with Him this week. The “Bites of Bread” are a little larger than normal. Savor them. I’ve chosen moments of Jesus with people who asked for healing with the exception of Sunday’s scriptures. Sunday is just for you. Envision Jesus speaking to you.

I’m reading, journaling, sipping my coffee, and lighting my candle with you.

What is your favorite Jesus story?

With Joy,




Reading Plan March 20-30

Bite of Bread March 24-30

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  1. I practice His presence too, Andy. Sometimes I’ve been tempted to pour an cup of coffee so He can join me! Thanks for the bread.

    1. I can see you doing that, Sondra! Thanks for reading and commenting.

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