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Bite of Bread Reading Plan: Redeemed

Easter is over.

But I always like to linger in the moment. I have a love hate relationship with the fact that so much preparation goes into a holiday and then, “poof!” it’s done. Time to put all the extra dishes and decorations away and get back to the daily grind.

I like to get back to normal, but I don’t want to dismiss the point of the day so quickly. I want to continue to feast on the purpose of the celebration minus the Easter egg hunts and new Sunday dress (which I don’t buy anymore).

In fact, this year I did the unthinkable. My worship service was spent just with my husband, sons, and our kitty, Hank, in the woods on a camping trip. No church service or big dinner. We did heat a small cooked ham over the campfire and asparagus wrapped in foil and smothered with butter. I did make my son his favorite marshmallow “salad” and we had strawberry shortcake for dessert, thanks to Sara Lee (no relation), Cool Whip, and cut up strawberries (the redeeming fresh fruit.)

I’ve never missed an Easter church service. Never. This will be my first in fifty-one years.

We read the story of the crucifixion and resurrection, taking turns as we read, and then we discussed what stood out to us in the story. (Luke 22:54-24:53.)

I’m still unpacking my thoughts about this very different Easter weekend. While I missed worshiping with many believers, it was kind of cool to worship Him with my little tribe (minus my daughter and son-in-law) in the middle of trees, birds singing, and a cool breeze blowing on my face.

Let’s stay in the moment. Let’s linger at the empty tomb just a little longer and chew on what He did by dying and defeating death for us. We’ve been redeemed. What does that mean?

Let’s study about redemption this week. 


Grab your journal and jot these verses down or take a screen shot. I hope that each day of this week you’ll find time to copy the verses down word for word in your journal. Write down your thoughts, even if they are questions like, “What does that mean, Lord?” Wait a minute. Listen to silence. Listen for a stir. He will lead you to another passage or verse or a book. Or he may simply whisper the answer. Most of these verses need the context to understand them.

I hope you enjoy digging and chewing. Join me on Facebook Live at 8:20 ET for a teaching on each “bite.”

Have a great week! I’ll see you Wednesday.





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