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Bite of Bread Reading Plan: Don’t Run on Empty



I’m amazed.  I can have a really great week–energetic, productive, joyful–then boom! In a day my emotions flip. The weather changes; clouds roll in. Loneliness comes to visit. And doubt decides to camp out on my front door step stealing the contentment I owned just a few days before. I call it “The Eeyore complex”.

I experienced this yesterday.

I’m not sure how much of my mood can be blamed on the weather. Though I know clouds seem to have that effect on me, I have a suspicion that it was something else.

My spirit was running on empty. I had not taken time to fill up in The Word Saturday or Sunday morning. I know! Sunday morning!

The weekends are often the days when I don’t take time to read my Bible and journal in the morning. I allow myself to sleep in on Saturdays (7:30). It’s the one day of the week I do this, but the downside of more rest is I don’t have time to eat the most important breakfast of all.

I did that for two days in a row this weekend. (Just keeping it real. I’m unfortunately not Super Spiritual Perfect Chick. I’m oh so very human.)

What happens when you don’t eat right or you don’t eat at all? What’s true about our physical bodies is true about our spirits. When I don’t eat, I become weak and I’m easily irritated. When I eat junk (a lot of sugar and fast food) I feel sluggish and fat. But when I eat good stuff, I feel energetic and confident.

I crave whatever I allow myself to eat.

But. God. Is. Good.

Romans 8_1_Picmonkey

Though I felt yuck yesterday–less than, spiritually–God did not condemn me. I was condemning myself.

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Are you running on empty? If cloudy skies and rain mirror your heart today, take some time–even 15 minutes to feed your spirit.

Each scripture this week is a simple shot of faith encouragement. A little bit of praise, faith, promises, and assurance of who we are in Jesus.

Come eat of the Good Stuff with me this week EVERY DAY, not because we have to do so, but because our spirits hunger for spiritual things. Fuel up to fight the Eeyore in you.

With Joy,



ps. Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Wear Green!

Bite of Bread: (March 17-23)

Bite of Bread March 17-23





  1. I love this phrase you coined: “The Eeyore complex”. I can so relate to it! Thanks for encouraging us to stay fueled up in the word daily. I find early morning works best for me. Like you said, it’s the breakfast we need to start our day. Thank you Andy, love the encourager that you are! Thanks too, for being “real!”

    1. Thanks Beth. So thankful my words encourage even in my honest failures. Thankful that His mercies are new every morning. I give Him all the praise!

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