Bite of Bread

Bite of Bread: God’s Abundance, Fullness and Kindness

Less is more . . . right? Well, not always.

Last weekend my house was filled with flowers, both real and fake, as we celebrated my daughter’s upcoming wedding. I love flowers. In fact I forget how much I love them until I allow myself to buy a fresh bouquet.

My interior decorating style wavers between modern-minimalist and traditional, so I decorate with the “less is more” thought.


As I sat in my home with flower pedals strewn on the floor, flower garland wrapping the banisters, greenery climbing up the columns that separate the living and dining room and more fresh flowers in mason jars scattered throughout the house, I tasted it.


In that moment I caught a glimpse of God’s abundance.

I was sitting on the couch, my usual spot for my quiet time, sipping my coffee and just sitting with Jesus as I like to do in the mornings. I was thankful that God had taken my less than energetic heart and filled it with excitement and joy to go beyond my usual decorating for my daughter’s shower.

Sitting in my over-the-top flower mania I tasted God’s abundance.

I had experienced God’s filling and joy, and the flowers gracing my home spoke to me of God’s abundance. But He wasn’t finished with my lesson for the day; He had more to show me.

Later that morning I visited with a friend at church who told me how God was answering a prayer that honestly seemed impossible. But nothing is impossible with God.

So, with my heart filled, and His kindness and goodness like honey on my lips, I knew this week’s Bite of Bread had to be about these things. It had to be about His abundance, provision, fullness, and kindness.

This is one Bite you don’t want to miss.


Spend each day journaling the promises of these verses. Sit with Him, sipping your cup of joe or tea, and wait to hear His voice. If you simply don’t have the strength and energy you need to do something, ask Him for His filling. If a prayer just seems too impossible to pray, ask for faith to pray it and peace to know He is able and certainly more creative and wise than we are. He has gone before us leaving goodness, mercy, kindness, and abundance in His wake.

Have a blessed Memorial Day as we celebrate and remember those who serve our country. Tell a soldier or his wife/family thank you today.

Penny for your thoughts: (your turn)

When have you experienced God’s fullness or what do you need His “filling” for in your life?


Much love,



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