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Bite of Bread: Bible Verses to Help Make Goals for 2016

Making Goals for 2016

Well, here we are.

We’re in the middle of Christmas and New Years. It’s that week of reflecting back on 2015 and looking forward to the new year ahead.

The baby Jesus has been born. Celebrated. And contemplated. And now we move quickly onto the next big celebration. But before we do, let’s spend time with the One who has seen our future. Let’s study the love letter and book of guidance and wisdom He has given us before we make those goals and resolutions that we will likely forget by the time 2017 rolls around.

Slow. Down.

If. Possible.

Really, what’s the rush?

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Bite of Bread Verses to help goals


I’ve always been terrible with resolutions, so this year I’m setting goals. But even goal setting can be baloney if I don’t seek the Lord’s counsel and write down tangible steps toward my goals. It will all be vanity if it’s not orchestrated by the One who holds tomorrow.

I so want to be meeting you over a cup of coffee on Periscope each day, but I’m sensing direction to take a break this week. During that time between 8:30-9:00, when I would be broadcasting, I will be sitting with my Bible, journal, and Bite of Bread, listening for guidance and studying deeper into the verses. I hope you will too.

Okay. . . jot these verses down in your journal or take a screen shot.

I’ll be meeting you in the Word everyday.


Jesus Loves You,



  1. Janice

    God is good… His mercy endureth forever!! Be still and wait on The Lord..

    1. Yes He is! Thanks for stopping by Janice. I’ll be praying for you as you wait.

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