Bite of Bread Bible Plan: Hope and Promise

Hope and promis3

Since my article about the prophecy that led the shepherds to the correct field to find the baby Jesus, I’ve been pondering the prophecies about the Messiah.

I’ve also been haunted lately by the popular Christmas song, Mary Did You Know, and I’ve begun to wonder, Just how much did she know? Because the Jewish people memorized Scripture. They knew the prophecies. Memorizing God’s word and committing it to memory was/is a form of worship for them.

Lately I’ve had the strong feeling that Mary knew her trip to Bethlehem would be her last 80 miles of carrying this God-man-child. Though I’ve never thought of it before, I’m almost persuaded to believe that both Mary and Joseph knew that though they were going to Bethlehem for the census, the Messiah would be born while they were there. It’s quite possible that His birth didn’t take them by surprise because of Micah 5:2 which states that the Messiah would come out of Bethlehem. 

Anyway . . .

The Bite of Bread is about the Hope and Promise spoken of Jesus before His birth and after. It’s powerful. Understanding how prophecy was fulfilled somehow gives me greater security in the goodness and faithfulness of God. And I want you to have that too.

As we finalize our shopping and tie the bow on the last package wrapped, let’s chew on these verses of promise. I’ll be writing on them this week (I think).

Bite of Bread Hope and promise

It’s going to be a hectic week. Make time for the One we are celebrating. I will have to intentionally do the same myself.

Hope you can join me at 8:30 ET on Periscope (wordsbyandylee). Or find the replays on katch.me.

Have a wonderful, hopeful, and joy-filled day.


Jesus was born for you,



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    I love your new signature, Andy! Is that a robin?

    1. Thanks! ummm maybe? I just liked it. I like birds these days. :)

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