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Bite of Bread Bible Reading Plan/June 2-8: No Fear (Psalm 27)


Blue ball in iron basket_Psalm 27



I love this verse. It makes everything so very simple. David states, “My darkness is light because of God; my eternity secure. There is no need to fear anything. God has me forever.”

Can you hear the security in David’s voice?

Do we know such security, or does fear sweep our thoughts away?

The reading plan this week is simple too. We’ll be reading Psalm 27 bit by bit. I want to encourage you to take each verse for the day and re-write it in your own words just as I did for verse 1 above.

After you rewrite it, if those words are not something you can claim in full confidence, write a prayer to God asking for His empowerment to own such faith.

If only we knew how much He wants this for us. If only we had a glimpse of what He’s done through Jesus so that what David knew, we can know too…and more. Remember, David lived on the other side of the cross.

Enjoy the reading plan this week. Draw closer to the One who loves you. Seek His face.

Amen and amen.

I’ll be reading with you,


It starts tomorrow…

Bite of Bread( June 2-8) Psalm 27



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