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Bite of Bread Bible Reading Plan: Scriptures to (n)Courage


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It’s been a rough few weeks.

Many of us feel battered and bruised. The world seems upside down and uglier than ever before. And if our eyes stay focused on the pain and fear too long, we lose strength. We lose hope.

Last week the Bite of Bread was all about renewing our minds. One way we do that is to replace the negative with God’s truth. His Truth brings healing. His Truth restores our hope and courage.

I pray these bites of Bread not only encourage you in your faith, but I pray as you read words of praise and promise, peace, and thanksgiving, your courage to fight this spiritual battle will grow rather than wane.

Be (n)Couraged!

Grab your Bible and journal, light your favorite candle, and pour your favorite flavor of coffee or tea. Write down these scriptures. They are all short bites this week. Maybe even memorize one or two. That’s a great way to renew the way we think.Bite of Bread (August 25-31)

With Joy,



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