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Bite of Bread: Bible Reading Plan on Thanks

Photo by KM Andrist
Photo by KM Andrist

I love pumpkin skies. You know, the ones that October and November seem to bring. Sunsets glow brighter painting horizons on fire. Night comes sooner due to our clocks re-setting, so sun’s magnificent production is viewed by more eyes–the commuters returning home after a long days work. Have you noticed this phenomenon?

Red and yellow leaves from the changing trees compliment the sunset’s haze and the world is softened by pinks and oranges.

And as much as I hate to say goodbye to summer, these pumpkin skies turn my mind to Thanksgiving and the holidays ahead. I embrace the longer nights which only last a few weeks. I pull out my favorite sweaters and boots, turn on the heat, and start planning the meal for the day our country has set aside to give thanks–even though I usually cook the same meal every year.

I know Thanksgiving is a few weeks away, but the Bite of Bread will be focused on “thanks” for the rest of the month. As we focus on thanking God for all He has done and is doing, I challenge us to also make November a month of letting other people know how thankful we are for them.

Thank you for reading. Thank you for sharing this journey with me. And thank you for your friendship.

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The Bite of Bread

Grab you journal. As you read each bite, write it down. Sit for awhile, sip your coffee, and listen for God’s wisdom. What is He telling you in each verse?

He loves you.

I do too.

Bite of Bread Nov. 10-16_2014 Thanks


With purpose,



  1. sondradron

    I love to see the colors, the bright yellows and oranges. I love the smell of ginger and cinnamon. I love to hear the crunch and rustle of leaves under my feet.
    And I’m thankful for people like you who weave words and encourage others to.
    Thanks for the challenge to let others know how thankful we are for them.
    I’m taking that to heart.

    1. Thank you my fellow weaver of words and lover of autumn. Thank you for your friendship, reading and commenting. I needed your comment this morning. I was second guessing my challenge. :) How funny. God is so faithful. He used you today. Much love!

  2. I love having my coffe and quiet time by the fireplace in the early mornings. I’m thankful for a season of health for myself and my husband and for God’s constant provision.

    1. I can picture you sitting there! I’m thankful for this season of health for you and Bill too. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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