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Bite of Bread: Bible Reading Plan about The Right Hand

I’m left handed. Very left handed. And the most frustrating thing about being left handed is that…

I live in a right handed world.

If you’re right handed, you’ve never thought about this. But the next time you hold a coffee mug with a quote or pretty on one side, notice which hand holds the cup to see the design.



Boston coffee mug


If you happen to be at a school and need to sharpen a pencil with a non-electric sharpener (the ones with a handle) notice which hand must go around and around to sharpen the lead. I’m so left handed, that as a kid, this was  frustrating and embarrassing. I could not sharpen my pencil at lightning speed as Kacey Dudenhoeffer could. My sharpen rotations were 2 to his 5.


Pencil Sharpener Wikimedia


And finally, do you remember the chairs at school that had the desk attached to one side of the seat? Do you remember what side they were on?

I’ve recovered. It is what it is. But it’s just been another one of those things that kept me humble and sensitive to “handicaps”–not that being left-handed is a handicap.(We are the more creative side of humanity.)

The Bible often speaks of the right hand. The right hand in biblical days represented honor, authority, strength, and equal or partnered rule.

Despite my left handedness rant, it doesn’t matter to me that God’s right hand is the one of strength and power, I’m just glad to know that His right hand:

  • guides me,
  • it often holds my hand,
  • and Jesus sits next to it.

I pray this Bible Reading Plan will bless you this week as you place yourself in the scriptures. Make them personal.

Looking forward to our conversation either on this blog or my Facebook page. You inspire me.

Grab your journal, light a candle, pour some coffee…stay awhile everyday with these promises.

Bite of Bread (July 28-Aug. 3) The Right Hand


With Joy,







  1. Patricia Keough-Wilson

    My youngest daughter, Jeanne-Marie is left handed. She too lives in the right handed world. Thanks for your devotions.

    1. She knows! Thanks for reading and commenting Patricia!

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