Bible Reading Plan

Bible Reading Plan for a healthier Spirit (Blame it on the Oatmeal)



It’s not the oatmeal’s fault or my son’s. It’s really mine. But I thought the hot cereal would be least tainted by my blame. I’m late posting today because I cooked oatmeal for breakfast–on the stove kind, not instant.

Last week I listened to a presentation about eating healthy. I was convinced to feed my family and myself the rainbow (think colors in vegetables and fruits) every day and to refrain from the microwave and sugary cereals and drinks. I was also convicted that it’s not cheaper to eat from the dollar menu at McDonalds–convenience is our motive. Americans are lazy.


Truth hurts.

But I have to tell you that it’s a vicious cycle. I admit I often opted for eating out or feeding my kids cereal because I was tired. But now that we are eating healthier and I’m drinking half my weight of water every day, I HAVE energy to take the 5 extra minutes to make the oatmeal or cut up the veggies and fruit or eat the tuna and apple rather than going through the drive-thru. I’m even thirsty for the water even though I’m drinking more than ever. It’s just the weirdest thing.

Our spirits are the same way.

[tweetability]What are you feeding your spirit?[/tweetability]


Does it get a healthy dose of Scripture packed with nutrients good for your soul? Are you drinking in The Living Water or is your spirit dehydrated?

If you need some help filling your spirit every morning and through out the day, maybe this Bible reading plan will help. I post one every Monday. (Hopefully by 8 AM)

For the Bite of Bread Reading Plan this week I wasn’t ready to pack Easter away just yet. I have to linger just a little bit longer. Savor the stories of Jesus’ appearance to His disciples and their reactions. Notice the peace He gives. The grace. The forgiveness.

And the commission.

It’s our too.



Bite of Bread (April 21-27)


I’ll be reading and journaling with you. How’s the 30 day challenge of thanking God for His answers before He answers going? I would love to hear your experiences. See you Wednesday for another day of finding lost treasure in our Bibles hidden beneath our language.

The Lord be with You,




  1. Mable Mason

    praise the Lord ! Easter Sunday my son went to church an at end of service he gave his heart to God …I have been praying for long time an God is faithful. he does answer Prayer. thanks. for this post Andy an may God continue to bless you

    1. That is so wonderful Mable! He does answer our momma prayers! I am so happy for you. I will be praying for your son. Hallelujah! Our God reigns. Thank you so much for sharing this great news. Blessings on you.

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