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Bible Reading Plan for a Healthier Spirit: 10 Reps of Thankfulness Everyday

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How are your spiritual muscles this morning?

Weak and flabby?

Strong and fit?

Somewhere in the middle?

Need help?

[tweetability]There’s not very many exercises that will strengthen your spirit like the repetition of thankfulness.[/tweetability]


Try 10 reps of thankfulness everyday.

It’s not difficult. You can do it at home, no gym needed, and the best thing about thankfulness is it’s free!

As I lay in bed this morning contemplating getting up, a fresh breeze was blowing through the open windows, the promise of the sun was gently lighting the room, and a songbird sang his melody.

And I thought, “Life is good.” Thankfulness wasn’t hard to find. I flexed my heart muscles with praise lying right there in bed. My feet not even touching the floor yet. But as soon as they did, I fell to my knees. There is no better place to start the day.

And no better way.


The Bite of Bread this week will help you with your 10 reps of thanksgiving each day.

I hope you’ll join me. I can’t wait to hear how it helped your spirit’s health.

Let’s start now. What are you thankful for?

I’m thankful for you.


Join me in reading daily? Don’t forget to grab your journal, light a candle, and enjoy your time with the one who loves us. It’s just a bite, but God’s Word strengthens and heals no matter how big the serving.

Bite of Bread April 28-May 4

Much grace,





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