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Better Than Coffee

photo by Kim Andrist
Beautiful morning.


Gentle, pink edged sky,


Foggy presence lingering,


Birds chirping—calling,


A lone goose flying—calling out


Like an emergency vehicle warning


Oncoming traffic.


Everything saturated with the morning mist,


The smell of burning wood,


And a puppy who just wanted to be




Thank you, Jack.


When my kids were babies, there were some nights that were so difficult and sleepless that when morning came I would run to the back door to escape into the sunrise just for a moment. I’d breathe in the cool air and stand watching the promise of a new day rise above the horizon. Something about the freshness of morning gave me the strength to go back inside and do another mommy day of diapers, temper-trantrums, bubbles, and swings, laundry, and cooking again.

I sleep much better these days, but I still desperately need the morning air to fill my lungs before I do my day. Having a pupppy who needs to go outside every morning has reminded me of this blessing. I need coffee, but I think I need the beauty of morning even more.
What do you  need every day?
Praise God in His sanctuary; praise Him in His mighty heavens. Praise Him for His acts of power; praise Him for His surpassing greatness. ~Psalm 150:1-2



Andy Lee is a wife, mother of three, author, speaker, and blogger. She inspires her readers to step out into their call whether to a neighbor or nation to find purpose and joy using the gifts God has given them. She lives on the North Carolina Coast with her favorite people in the whole word, her family. She loves chocolate, geraniums, coffee, and Jesus.

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