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The "Profession" of Ministry: It’s not what you think it is.

“I am the Lord’s servant,” Mary answered. “May it be as you have said.”  ~Luke 1:38

Many of us dream of working in ministry full time. For some of us that looks like becoming pastor of a church. For others it looks like taking the gospel to foreign lands.

Still, some of us dream of ministering through the arts like painting, writing, singing/music, and speaking. We dream of playing in a worship band leading thousands of people in worship or teaching multitudes sitting under an enormous dome. But mostly, the numbers don’t matter, we just want these dreams to be our profession.

As I strolled through my prayer journal the other day, I came across an entry that caught my eye. Sometimes my entries are what I believe God is saying to me rather than my petitions. I must have been whining about wanting to work in ministry as a “profession” because this is what I wrote:

“Don’t get focused on one aspect of your calling. Focus only on Me–trusting I have a much bigger picture for Us here. I have a ministry for you. This is not about you, though you are blessed by the residual affects. This is about working for My Kingdom on many levels and in different venues. I AM faithful. I AM faithful when you are not. I AM faithful.

Thank Me. Praise Me. Thank Me for every opportunity big and small, easy and challenging that I give you. They all point to the same goal…Jesus.

Bring people to me through pastoring, teaching, preaching, writing, daily divine connections…bring them to Me. You are my servant. Your jobs will be different every day.

I have given you a ministry not just a profession.

A Ministry.

Look up that word.”  ~God

Weeks had gone by, but I had not looked up the definition. So, I went searching for my 20 pound, old, college dictionary. Yes, I love that archaic dinosaur. When I read Webster’s definition I could hear God’s chuckle.

The definition of “ministry” is service.

No titles. No fancy professional terms. No big stages. Just Service.

That’s what it’s all about my friends. Serving God in any fashion or form He chooses and serving others of the Kingdom daily.

Does this paint a different vision for your dream of working for God “professionally”?

I’m with you.

Much grace,

But Godliness with contentment is great gain. 1Timothy 6:6


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