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Attributes of God (Part 2) #BiteofBread



You have taught us

that in returning and rest we shall be saved,

in quietness and confidence we shall be strengthened:

By Your Spirit lift us to Your presence,

where we may be still and know that You are God.

~ from The Prayer for Quiet Confidence

This week we continue studying God to better know Him, so that we can better trust Him.  The Bite of Bread  reading plan has seven more attributes of our God.

An atheist asked me the other day how I knew what I taught was true. He asked me this on Twitter, so I have only 140 characters to form my response. Somehow in my limited word-count I want to tell him that I know what I teach is true because I know the God who wants to be known. I’ve studied, but I’ve also experienced Him.

There is no other God like the One True God, amen?

Bite of Bread Attributes 2

This list is from one of my favorite web resources, If you would like to do further study and find related verses, visit the page.  Oh, how I hope you can spend some quality time in the Word this week. Journal, Coffee or tea, candle lit, and your favorite Bible. Dig deep to live fully, my friends. Be still with Him and know beyond knowing that He is God.

If you can join me, I’ll see you at 8:20 each morning ET on my Facebook Live daily broadcast. Come join me around my kitchen table, and let’s study together.





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