A Reading Plan on God’s Goodness

Almost ten years ago I faced a life changing decision. I had a choice to make. I could continue to be angry at God for my sister’s death, or I could choose to believe in His goodness. That’s a hard decision when you’re stuck in grief unless you’re tired of being angry with God. As … Continue reading “A Reading Plan on God’s Goodness”

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Trusting God When Life is Hard (Ruth Study week 7)

When life falls apart, the first thing many people think is that God is mad at them. It’s a knee-jerk reaction. You may be a mature believer who’s walked a long time with God and no longer react this way, but the majority of us have experienced such thoughts. Job was the exception to this … Continue reading “Trusting God When Life is Hard (Ruth Study week 7)”


When You Can’t Choose Joy

I was raw a few weeks ago. Sad. Lonely. Struggling with life. We all have our days, don’t we? Those moments when we can cry at the slightest mistake, unkind word, or challenge. During that raw week, I kept hearing the saying choose joy! It’s popular these days. I’ve probably taught it myself, but to be very … Continue reading “When You Can’t Choose Joy”


Attributes of God (Part 2) #BiteofBread

    You have taught us that in returning and rest we shall be saved, in quietness and confidence we shall be strengthened: By Your Spirit lift us to Your presence, where we may be still and know that You are God. ~ from The Prayer for Quiet Confidence This week we continue studying God to … Continue reading “Attributes of God (Part 2) #BiteofBread”

Do You Need to Know God is on Your Side?: Word Wednesday

  We’ve been studying seven promises of God this week. Only seven even though there are thousands. And as we studied together Monday, I found a nugget under the black in white translation of my Bible that has stuck with me all week like a fuzz ball on a sweater. It’s helped me understand why … Continue reading “Do You Need to Know God is on Your Side?: Word Wednesday”

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