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Do You Need to Know God is on Your Side?: Word Wednesday


We’ve been studying seven promises of God this week. Only seven even though there are thousands.

And as we studied together Monday, I found a nugget under the black in white translation of my Bible that has stuck with me all week like a fuzz ball on a sweater. It’s helped me understand why I can’t always feel God’s presence.

Many scriptures seem to promise that He will always be right there, next to us. But I think all of us have experienced those really difficult days when God seemed MIA, and we wondered why in the heck we couldn’t feel His calming, reassuring Presence, and we got mad and frustrated.

Have you been there?

Even though there have been days when I couldn’t feel Him, I stood on the promise that He was always there, and I still stand on this. But come dig with me to find what I think God promises that is much more than His presence.

The Lord is near


There are two key words in this verse. Near and truth. Our English muffles the meaning.

Near has been translated from Quarobe. It is a Hebrew word that means allied, near, neighbor . . . 


What if we re-translate this verse as “The Lord is allied . . . partnered . . . on the side of those who call on him.”? How would this change our perspective of this verse? Personally, I want God to be close, but more than that, I want to know that He is on my side. And how important is this promise when our petitions don’t turn out as we plead?

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The word truth is an important word to dig under too. It comes from the Hebrew word Emet. This word comes from a root word meaning to believe and trust. It means firmness, stability, security, faithfulness, integrity. . . 

Am I stable in my trust of God and His goodness? Is my faith firm and secure? Am I faith-FULL?

Plain and simple, I think this verse promises that the Lord is on the side of those who trust Him.

Oh for greater trust in Jesus! Oh, for greater measures of faith.

“Help me trust you Lord.”

Just like the father who asked Jesus to help his unbelief. (Mark 9:24). His son was mute. A demon held his tongue, and none of the disciples or other rabbis could heal him. Only Jesus.

There’s a really interesting side note about this story that I shared on my broadcast if you would like to know why none of the disciples could cast the demons out. 

The father called out for more faith. And he got it. And his son was healed.

Jesus was on their side.

Do you trust Him?

He’s on your side too.

Just believe.


Much love my friends,




PS. Leave a comment! Was there a time when God seemed MIA and the promise of His presence seemed empty? Does this fresh perspective help you see a difficult time in your life in a new light? Comments are like a chocolate fix, and they don’t cause pimples on my face, only smiles. Thank you for sharing!





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