When You Can’t See the Stars


Hebrew 11-1

attribution: Photo taken by Kim M. Andrist


The horizon glowed as I drove home tonight.

You know, that outline of soft orange  fading to pink into a slate blue canvas that only October skies boast? No moon was present nor any stars, but I had no reason to doubt their appearance once the sun finished his performance.

I knew they were there. I just

couldn’t see their twinkle yet.

And tonight as I crawl into bed, I will not worry about the sun’s journey back to my side of the world. I know he will rise. He always does.


There are some things in this world we don’t have to see to know they are there.

Sure, science proves most of it, but it is the constancy of their presence that makes me believe. But more than that, the constancy of the One who designed our universe soothes my soul as the beauty around me helps me trust that He loves us.

He’s been loving His creation since the beginning of time going to great lengths to restore us. (Acts 3:19-22)

Faith is assurance of things hoped for and the conviction or persuasion of things unseen. 

I’ve tried to live without faith, and I was miserable both times.

Now I’m persuaded to believe. To trust. To love.

As sure as the morning dawn.


Join me in the conversation: What persuades your faith?


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